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  • Do I need a Covid Pass or CST to come to your spa?
    No. As this is a private spa and bookings are for a maximum of 4 people, the government does not ask us to check your Covid Pass, so you do not need to bring it.
  • How can I book at your spa?
    In principle, reservations can only be made via our website www.spa383.be. On our website, you just have to select the formula and the date you are interested in, and you will see the availability of the centre in real time. Once you have entered your details and accepted our terms and conditions and cancellation policy, you can confirm your booking by paying a deposit or the full amount of the booking. Please note that if you pay a deposit, we can only accept cash payments in the centre (we do not have a payment terminal). After confirmation of your booking, you will receive a confirmation of your booking on the e-mail address you have provided with all the practical information.
  • Is there a dress code in the spa?
    We recommend that you wear a swimming costume (no shorts) for reasons of hygiene. Of course, the centre is 100% private, so you can do as you please, but please think of the people who come after you and respect the basic rules of hygiene.
  • Are towels and slippers available?
    Yes, at 383 Spa & Lounge we want to provide you with a luxury experience. Therefore, each reservation includes the rental of towels and slippers. Bathrobes are available for hire at a cost of EUR 5 per person.
  • Do you have a specific order of doing things to recommend?
    Always start with a shower with soap. Afterwards, we recommend a jacuzzi session (between 30 minutes and 1 hour). Then do one or two steam bath sessions, showering between each session, and after the last session, scrub yourself with black soap. After rinsing thoroughly, take a break in the lounge and have a fish pedicure (15 to 30 minutes). Fifteen to ten minutes before the end of the booking, shower if you wish and get dressed to be ready on time. This is of course only a suggestion, you are free to do things in a different order.
  • Is there a wifi connection in the spa?
    No. There is no wifi in the spa. We have chosen not to have wifi as it is part of the philosophy of isolating yourself from the outside world in your wellness bubble.
  • Can I pay by bank card?
    No, we do not have a payment terminal. We only accept cash in the centre. You will find a Bancontact (Fortis) just around the corner, on the right (Avenue Oscar Van Goidtshoven 7). When you make a reservation on the website, payments are made electronically. You can choose between paying only a deposit or the full amount of your reservation. If you only pay a deposit, please note that we can only accept cash payments on site.
  • What measures are taken against COVID-19?
    As the centre is private, we do not require a CST or Covid Pass. However, sanitary gel is available in the entrance and we will always welcome you wearing a mask (please wear yours when you come in) We also thoroughly ventilate the centre and systematically clean the whole centre between each client to ensure 100% safety and hygiene. The centre also has a professional ventilation system that filters out 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well as a waste air extraction and fresh air supply to ensure indoor air quality.
  • Do you clean between each client?
    Yes, we clean the entire centre between clients for one hour.
  • Do you change the water in the jacuzzi between clients?
    No, it’s impossible to do that. But the jacuzzi has a filter with an ozonator that kills bacteria and we regularly add different chemicals so the water is always clean and disinfected. It is comparable to a swimming pool, except that we don’t use chlorine (which stings the eyes) but bromine.
  • How hot is the hammam?
    The hammam has a maximum temperature of 45 degrees, with a humidity level of 100%.
  • Is there any aromatherapy in the steam room?
    Yes, the steam also releases essential oils of eucalyptus radiata, which opens your bronchi and gives you a fresh feeling.
  • Is there soap available in the spa?
    Yes, it’s a mild natural coconut soap. You will find it in the shower area of the private spa. It is suitable for both body and hair.

– How does the black soap work?

When you come out of the hammam, take some black soap in the palm of your hand and soap your body (without water, use the moisture on your body). Then rinse yourself thoroughly with water.

– Can we stay longer than initially planned ?

In general, it is impossible for us to make you stay longer, sorry, because we have a reservation right after you or close the spa after your reservation. You can book for longer on our website next time 🙂

– Are there any restrictions to the fish pedicure?

If you have open wounds on your feet or lower legs, you may not use the fish pedicure. It is important to always rinse off well in the shower before doing the fish pedicure, especially after using the jacuzzi (to avoid the chemicals getting into the aquarium, as they are fragile).

– How does the fish pedicure work?

The little fish suck on dead skin (they don’t have teeth) and therefore give you a natural pedicure. It tickles a bit at first but as soon as you get used to it, you’ll find it’s a very pleasant, even therapeutic experience.

– Do the fish also get something to eat other than feet?

Yes, we also feed them a special nutrient-rich diet to ensure a balanced diet.

– Is there a filtration system in the aquarium?

Yes, the fish pedicure aquarium is equipped with a classic three-stage filtration system as well as a UV filter that kills bacteria.

– Do you also offer massages?

Yes, the fish pedicure aquarium is equipped with a classic three-stage filtration system as well as a UV filter that kills bacteria.